Monday, January 16, 2012

Is January half over already!?!

Whew......January has gone by fast!!!  Can't believe it's the 16th already.  Lots of exciting things happening!  Our Kickstarter project is getting some good attention - praying we can keep it up & meet our goal of $3500.00!!!  Spring just sounds like a good time to open a bakery don'tcha think?  Still working on some recipes.  Tackling gluten free is my next goal.  I tried a recipe using rice flour once.  Never again.  It was crunchy!  Back to the drawing board but this time I'm going to try a mix of a few different kinds of gluten free flours.  Fingers crossed!  If it works for cupcakes I'm going to try the same flour mix for some other recipes in the hopes we can be a gluten free bakery.  I think that would be such a great thing to be known for our gluten free treats.  And if you can't tell the difference?  Even better!!!

Hope 2012 is treating you well!!  Thanks for the support!!!

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