Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elmo & Snickerdoodles & Peppermint Oh My!

Christmas is only a little over a week away....can't hardly believe it!  Hope everyone is having fun getting ready for their holiday celebration.  Our nieces & nephew are heading to California this Christmas :0( but they're going to Disneyland too :0) so I'm excited for them, I LOVE Disneyland!!!

I got to do some Elmo cupcakes and cake pops for a 2 year olds birthday.  Never made either before but they all turned out really cute!  Now let me vent about cake pops for a minute, they're a pain to make!  We didn't use a special pan or anything.  Remember, we do things old school.  You have to get the ratio of cake crumbs to frosting just right.  Too much cake they crumble.  Too much frosting they're a sticky wet mess.  Then we learned don't dip them unless they're frozen or the weight of the chocolate will tear them right off the sticks.  But you have to work quick because they thaw fast.  What??????  Too many rules for something so sweet!  Luckily you can dip them in sprinkles, coconut, crushed nuts or candies or cookies - whatever your sweet tooth dictates, this will hide the lumpyness.  But really who cares if they don't look perfect?  Pretty doesn't mean good & good doesn't mean pretty.  This applies to people too but we'll save that convo for another time....and blog ;0)  I have pictures of the Elmo cupcakes but didn't take pictures of the cake pops, no reminder of the irritation.  But God bless my sister Edie, she had the patience to deal with coating them & did a fantastic job!

We also did some Snickerdoodle cupcakes and Peppermint cupcakes for our friend Jill to give out at work.  The Snickerdoodle ones taste just like the cookie, if the cookie also had a delicious cinnamon buttercream frosting.  The peppermint were yummy too - the frosting has such a clean minty taste it makes you want to kiss someone!  Good thing this time of year has lots of opportunity for kissing with all the Mistletoe!  Peppermint cupcakes....the reason for a kissing season!

Enjoy the pictures!!

It's Elmo!!!

Snickerdoodle....we even made the candies on top

Peppermint.....we didn't make these candies.  Wha..wha...whaaaaa.....

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