Monday, November 28, 2011

Home Made Vanilla

Happy Monday! Here are some pictures of our first bottle of home made vanilla. Being in Austin we HAD to use a locally made Vodka & Tito's was a the natural choice. We've given Tito's as gifts to quite a few people and we get the same remarks - smoothest Vodka ever. Of course we weren't going to use anything else. We used a blend of vanilla beans - proprietary secret - but if you want to try it yourself it's 3 vanilla beans (split until about 2" from the top) per 1 cup of Vodka. You can use any kind of Vodka but I highly recommend using one you enjoy drinking. It takes about two months to be developed enough to use but we're thinking of doing two more bottles the same way so we have "Mother" bottles, a constant source of delicious & unique vanilla, or as we like to refer to it - Danzig. You know, because he sings Mother.....don't judge ;0) I love me some Danzig.  We are going to make as many of our own extracts as we can. Old School baking at it's finest. Enjoy the pics!

Ok so the vanilla beans look a little like mummified fingers. Trust me, they are vanilla beans.

Thanks Tito's! (I bought this at Spec's, $25.99 cash price)

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